Monday, March 1, 2010

"Black History Year" by Tha Advakit

Here we go again, another Black History Month ended//
I know you thinking “Oh it was splendid!” 2 days later, everybody forgetting it//
28 days of Black pride and power//
All of a sudden disappear ‘cause we hide and scour//
It’s not politically correct to celebrate the other month’s right?//
If I do it don’t excite and you uptight//
So, let me get this straight, society has given us a month//
To tell the same stories of glory; you figure that’s enough?//
It takes a burden off they back, now they back to the same agenda//
Of Eurocentric tales, our pride we surrender //
….our children ah learn of how Columbus was “great”//
And how Abe Lincoln’s the reason that we all escaped //
Oh, and they’ll throw in a little Martin King, Rosa Parks and Frederick//
Booker T. too and we take and accept it?//
What happen to Malcolm X, Nat Turner//
We hardly hear Garvey, what about Sojourner?//
What about Huey P., and Ida B. Wells?//
The day that’s in the curriculum, it’ll be a cold day in hell//
I believe that we’re great, and in time we’ll prevail//
God wouldn’t test u if he thought that you would fail//
We stay on the computer, Microsoft, so we’ll excel//
But what about the 60% of Black males in jail//
…and we only 5% of the population//
They lock us up with no hesitation, devastating//
I ponder, is it because of our idols?//
And how we stay on facebook, but don’t read the Qur'an or the Bible//
Type of stuff makes you wonder//
Our people go to jail and wear it as a badge of honor//
See I been living my life knowing something ain’t right//
‘Cause if you graduate from college they say you acting like you white//
Knowledge is the key to open the doors of success//
Gives your brain power, so mentally you flex//
You know the rest, if you don’t know your history you’re doomed to repeat it//
That’s why 11 more months of Black History is needed//

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