Friday, October 16, 2009

"Racism Still Alive, They Just Be Concealing it" - K.West

This woman was arrested for cutting a line at Wal-Mart and allegedly assaulting a police officer. She faces up to 15 years...yep...15 years. She was then handed a KKK card by a police officer that said "the next visit won't be social." I don't know what to say expect, it was nice of him to issue a warning. Quite professional I might add...

You can read more about [HERE]

Moving along...a interracial couple in Louisiana is denied a marriage license by the 'justice of peace' because of the fear that they will have biracial children. Yep...gotta keep that blood pure don't you? Gotta love how the 'justice of PEACE' denied it (and has done so about 4 times prior). You have to love the irony in that! Don't be alarmed though, he's not racist; he has black friends as he states. Kudos to him...

You can read about that [HERE]

Monday, October 12, 2009

Reconsider Columbus Day

I remember being a young child in elementary school, actually believing Columbus "discovered" America. I looked at October 12th as a day off of school and like any other kid, I wasn't going to complain! Now, I look at Elementary/high school as a 12 step brainwashing program to make young children "patriotic"...but I digress. It wasn't until I was in high school and I became more of a critical thinker did I realize and learn that Columbus was a heinous murderer like many European explorers during that time. His conquest (almost) led to the slaughter of an entire race and culture of people; whom are often forgotten about when people mention the "forefathers." His conquest also led to slavery, which is something rarely, if ever, mentioned in conjunction with his expedition. If anything, we should all take time on October 12th every year, to recognize what Columbus REALLY stood for and revel in the unjust hypocrisy this countries foundation is built on.

However, this should only be done until we can turn October 12th into what it should be recognized as; a holiday to honor and respect Native Americans/indigenous peoples. I encourage you all that are reading this to sign the petition on the link provided below. And like Chris Berman so eloquently mentioned on last nights Sportscenter (repeatedly), "Have a wonderful Columbus Day!" *notice the sarcasm*


Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Jackson "Jive" Performs in Black Face

This is just ridiculous and quite sad. THIS is how people in other countries/continents (Australia) view black people (well, people in our own country still view us like this as well). As jokes, as coons, and it's virtually accepted and deemed as appropriate. We kill each other in our community and outside of our community we are still defamed and made a mockery of. What baffles me is, they've been doing this routine for 20 years and they're also all doctors. So you mean to tell me, educated individuals such as themselves didn't see anything wrong with this? Furthermore, the host apologizes because he understands it's offensive? Really? How much do you understand if you're allowing it to continue? Much respect to Harry Conick Jr. for speaking up on this matter (5:45 mark). Read about the story in full on CNN's site [HERE]. The modern day minstrel shows continues...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"A Message To My Brothas"

Like most throughout the city, and the country, my heart is still heavy after watching the video of Derrion Albert being beaten to death. What makes this situation worse is the fact that since it has happened, the violence in our communities hasn't slowed down one bit. It's so much that needs to be done, but it's hard to really pinpoint where one should start. As a hip-hop artist who is well indulged in the cultures (unofficial) 5th element (knowledge/being informed), I feel it is only right that I speak on this matter in the best way I know how, in song. I hope by doing this, I can provoke some you all to make a change in your respective communites. Because, I do realize that this piece of spoken word won't reach who it needs to online, so it is up to us to march forward. This has nothing to do with rap, because it's bigger than that. Inconjuction with my place of employment, I have been doing some work with the youth in the Roseland community, but we NEED more help. So, I invite anyone in the Chicago area who is genuinely down to making a change to e-mail me at PEACE!

Be sure to check out the song/spoken word piece I did in regards to this below...

"A Message To My Brothas"