Monday, October 12, 2009

Reconsider Columbus Day

I remember being a young child in elementary school, actually believing Columbus "discovered" America. I looked at October 12th as a day off of school and like any other kid, I wasn't going to complain! Now, I look at Elementary/high school as a 12 step brainwashing program to make young children "patriotic"...but I digress. It wasn't until I was in high school and I became more of a critical thinker did I realize and learn that Columbus was a heinous murderer like many European explorers during that time. His conquest (almost) led to the slaughter of an entire race and culture of people; whom are often forgotten about when people mention the "forefathers." His conquest also led to slavery, which is something rarely, if ever, mentioned in conjunction with his expedition. If anything, we should all take time on October 12th every year, to recognize what Columbus REALLY stood for and revel in the unjust hypocrisy this countries foundation is built on.

However, this should only be done until we can turn October 12th into what it should be recognized as; a holiday to honor and respect Native Americans/indigenous peoples. I encourage you all that are reading this to sign the petition on the link provided below. And like Chris Berman so eloquently mentioned on last nights Sportscenter (repeatedly), "Have a wonderful Columbus Day!" *notice the sarcasm*


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  1. I remamber the first time I thought about Columbus Day in this manner. Lmao come to think of it Coach Spurlock was the one who 1st presented this whole notion to me and it was during gym freshman year in high school. I think you was in the class with me! Do you remember that, or am I trippin?

    James Louisma aka WeezMa