Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Jackson "Jive" Performs in Black Face

This is just ridiculous and quite sad. THIS is how people in other countries/continents (Australia) view black people (well, people in our own country still view us like this as well). As jokes, as coons, and it's virtually accepted and deemed as appropriate. We kill each other in our community and outside of our community we are still defamed and made a mockery of. What baffles me is, they've been doing this routine for 20 years and they're also all doctors. So you mean to tell me, educated individuals such as themselves didn't see anything wrong with this? Furthermore, the host apologizes because he understands it's offensive? Really? How much do you understand if you're allowing it to continue? Much respect to Harry Conick Jr. for speaking up on this matter (5:45 mark). Read about the story in full on CNN's site [HERE]. The modern day minstrel shows continues...

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