Friday, October 16, 2009

"Racism Still Alive, They Just Be Concealing it" - K.West

This woman was arrested for cutting a line at Wal-Mart and allegedly assaulting a police officer. She faces up to 15 years...yep...15 years. She was then handed a KKK card by a police officer that said "the next visit won't be social." I don't know what to say expect, it was nice of him to issue a warning. Quite professional I might add...

You can read more about [HERE]

Moving along...a interracial couple in Louisiana is denied a marriage license by the 'justice of peace' because of the fear that they will have biracial children. Yep...gotta keep that blood pure don't you? Gotta love how the 'justice of PEACE' denied it (and has done so about 4 times prior). You have to love the irony in that! Don't be alarmed though, he's not racist; he has black friends as he states. Kudos to him...

You can read about that [HERE]

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