Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Been A Long Time...

I've had a habit of not updating this blog as much as I had originally planned. I can contribute that to two things: Twitter and laziness. Twitter being the new way most internet savvy people communicate and laziness being attributed to the fact that I've been working all summer and don't feel like doing much of anything when I get home.

The fact is, I made this blog as a way to stay on top of and communicate about current issues in society regarding social injustices and political matters, along with hip-hop critiques and other miscellenous issues (as you can see below). Issues that people like myself may be interested in but may not have the time to browse the net to find on a regular basis. I want to inform people on things that I am passionate about from my point of view, so that it may encourage them to think in a way they have never thought. And vice versa, the comment area is so you all can enlighten me as well. Essentially, my blog is influenced by the same format as Davey D's website. But of course, it's extremely different because it is a blog, so it's a lot more random.

Certainly there hasn't been any shortage of news, in fact, in my city (Chicago) there have been senseless (gun-related) murders on a daily basis, something that really urks me. And of course, you have Henry Louis Gate's incident, in addition to various other racial matters (like the Texas incident). I just need to make an effort to expand my 140 character updates on twitter to full fledged post like this on my blog. It can and will certainly accomplish a lot more in my opinion.

I plan on updating a lot more, but life really has been busy. Just graduated with a bachelor's degree a few months ago and I'm preparing for grad school as well. Along with that, this summer has been an interesting one regarding my car which is now dead (as of Saturday, July 25th). I've had to take it in for more repairs than I care to mention and it also got broken into while I was at work one time. So, I guess it's time for me to move on and get a new vehicle. I don't have much time to have pity for myself on that issue anymore, as I have no time for excuses, life is too short and I'm going to enjoy it and move forward. I hope all is well with everyone who has taken the time to ever read my blog. More post coming soon. I need to eventually post some of my own music as well, something I've never done (or really mentioned on here) for some apparent reason...

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