Monday, December 14, 2009

Loon Speaks on Why He Chose Islam Over Rap

I have to say, Loon has done a very noble thing by walking away from the temptations of the industry to devote his life to Islam. Although one could argue that he wasn't worth much anymore since he was no longer affiliated with Diddy, the point still stands, his decision is one that not many would make. I take him a little more serious than I did Ma$e who has returned to rap 20 times since becoming a minister. Well, I'd say there's nothing wrong with rapping, or being in the industry if you remain true to the faith you promote, but from what I've heard from Ma$e, he hasn't. I may be wrong though *shrug*

Nevertheless, Loon outlines just why he did what he did and he makes some very good points. You have to wonder how some record label execs and artist can live with themselves at night knowing they just cheated someone out of _____ amount of dollars or knowing they sacrificed their morale, dignity or even manhood for money, something superficial. To each its on though, and much respect to all religions and beliefs.

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  1. WTF THIS IS CRAZY ISLSAM IS TRUE And loon understands what the reap game has to truley offer and god leads those who he chooses let us pray to god to show us the light inshallah Motherfuckers bucuase hell is where you'll end up again motherfucker to any haters