Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Do The Stanky Leg?

I was on a brief hiatus of course because school started back but I had to make a post on this. Expect a editorial about this soon when I get the chance. I'm not surprised, but I see that commercial hip hop is getting worse with every passing day. Getting all of my hip hop information/music from the internet often causes me to be disconnected with the mainstream, but after seeing this I see I'm not missing much. There was D4L, Dem Franchise Boyz, DJ Unk, Soulja Boy (and a bunch of others that I can't remember) and now this crap. What exactly are record executives looking for in a artist nowadays on major labels? It's times like this that I appreciate Slaughterhouse even more. On a sidenote I also turned to 106 & Park at the end today and saw that "Pop Champagne" was the number one video. Funny, I thought that show catered towards young children and teenagers and you do have 21 to legally drink but whatever...


  1. Thank God that you have some sense! :)

    Keep the posts up brotha!

  2. I cant believe my ears man. This is what hap pends when its about money. We will never get the 80s and 90s back, we can only more forward. Its like going Green With hiphop, we gotta be more conservative with how we are destroying it.