Thursday, February 26, 2009

The N*gga Pass

While this video is indeed hilarious it reminds me just how controversial this very issue is. I could very well write my own editorial pertaining to this matter but it would simply cause me to go in circle, metaphorically speaking, while not actually resolving the matter. I'm interested in your opinion though, if you're reading this, chime in on this matter.

Is there a such thing as a "N*gga Pass"? Are there instances when whites should be allowed to use the "N" word? Is it just a word or is it really offensive? Should it be retired? Is there a definite double standard present? I realize this issue is quite old and has been discussed many times, but there never seems to be any substantial progress made. Maybe that's why it will always remain controversial....


  1. pretty funny skit off that PackFM album, but honestly this is how i see it:
    If the word is so powerful that it can spark a fight if uttered from the "wrong" person, it shouldnt be used by anyone. Especially considering the pretty high levels of segregation in Chicago (which carry over to UIUC), there is very little mixing of people of different ethnicities and therefore very little opportunity for people to gain an understanding of what is and isn't accepted. If Kanye puts the word prominently in a chant-like hook of his for Gold digger (possibly the worst song ever recorded), how and why should white-bread people from suburbs with little to no Black people living there have any idea not to say the word? Why would they think that it is wrong for them to sing along to that at Joe's? I went to a Ras Kass/Rakim show in Austin back in 06, and there was this little asian girl next to me who knew every word of Ra's, and when he did Juice (Know the Ledge), she left nothing out when it came to "Knockin n***** off, and knocking n***** out!", which struck me cuz i made a point at the Wu show that i had gone to a few months earlier to not say entire lines that contained "the n-word", as polite society calls it.

    and what is it really to expect different things of different types of people? so its cool to have seperate sets of rules for Blacks and non-Blacks? Clearly not, as evidenced by the Civil Rights movement.

    might catch heat for some of that, but eff it thats how i see it...and no i dont use the word now, nor has it ever been a word that i use lol, had to add the disclaimer


  2. damn i wrote a comment like twice as long as the original post, lol, my bad

  3. I just find it sooo funny how mad some white people get against the "racist double-standard" of them not being able to say the N-word. (without a "Nigga Pass," of course) Seriously! They act like nig—I mean—black folk are making them drink out a separate fountain or some shit whenever they hear (black) rappers throw the word around.

    Honestly, I don't think black folk using "nigga" should even be that big of a deal. It's the same way Jewish people can make anti-Semitic jokes, handicapped people make horrible cripple jokes, etc. while an unwritten rule states that it's not right for others to make them. What the fuck is so hard to comprehend about that?