Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Music Speaks To You...

If you know me then you know that without a doubt Joe Budden is my favorite rapper ever (Nas is up there too) for reasons that are related to music and for reasons that go beyond music. Sometimes a rapper/singer/poet can just consistently spit lyrics that you can directly relate to on a personal level. Likewise, a rappers persona can be something that you can also relate to and identify with (how many rappers even let it be know that they're in a serious relationship besides Joe and obviously Jay-Z?)

Besides that, he is a great fundamental rapper. He excels in every category a great rapper should excel in, in my opinion. Those who think otherwise either judge him by "Pump It Up" or have never heard Mood Muzik 2, 3 or Halfway House. I say all that to say, his new joint, "In My Sleep" leaked today and will be on Padded Room (in stores Feb. 24th) and one line he said definitely stuck out to me. "Browsing online and seen Mike on that banner//and it said "you can be like me and beat cancer". Having heard probably all of his music I know that he's referring to his Uncle Mike, but on a personal level I also lost my step father a lil' over a year ago to cancer and he happens to have the same name. Songs like this kind of speak to you. Deep, conceptual joint about random dreams he has while he sleeps. Check it out and support hip hop. Buy Padded Room on Feb. 24th!

Joe Budden - In My Sleep


  1. "Got5ta sister name karma, I be trying to avoid her. Gotta Ex thats bitter wants me to be her nigga, hate my girl self pity cause im always wit her" Joe Budden 'Everything Happens for a Reason'. I feel he will always be underrated, he def does drop jewels but he does get credit for it from the people that he wants it from. I dont think he will ever be accepted by the masses but to tell you the truth, that is hiphop. Its not for the masses not even the masses of the people that support the music. He knows what he is doing and he should be strait. He is supporting himself with a concentrated fan base. thats what the future for real hiphop artist is. getting a small group of people and work on a more personal level. Even if he ever did get mainstream, it would probably mess something up lol. -Lou

  2. joe budden is 1 of hip hop elite 4ever! classic records on mood muzik 2 and 3 will go unheard from the masses but real hip hop heads know that this guy can spit with the best of em'. plus he's an actual real person, not some1 acting who he aint. def. coppn this on the 24.